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CareerCast evaluated 200 jobs that, according to the US Labor Department, have the most employees.  They used a variety of factors in their evaluation.  Details can be found at:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2014/04/15/the-best-jobs-for-2014/). 

Forbes used this data to report The Best Jobs in 2014
1.  Mathematician
3.  Statistician
4.  Actuary

Physics Lab

Physics is taken by our math majors, but also by most science majors in the School of the Sciences. Everyone enjoys Physics labs since the experiments use great equipment and toys.  In this experiment in Dr. Neal Miller’s class, students were studying RC time constants and learning how currents build over capacitors.  School of the Sciences students Megan Toms, Ava Schein and Ajani Khalfani are shown working in the first picture and Garrett Perau, Kathryn Merrick and Zach Knotts decided to smile for the  second picture.

Math junior, Lauren Rose, visited Niagra Falls this weekend as part of an Honors Program Trip.  Although the weather was a bit cold, Lauren had a great time!

Math Social

Math Majors and faculty got together to talk, see what was new, and to make plans for future semesters. The department’s trip to the Joint Math Meetings held in Baltimore in January was seen as a highlight of the semester.  Students love opportunities like this and hope to find a way to attend next year’s meeting in San Antonio.  Other topics discussed included possible Math Study Abroad options and future math elective course offerings.   The department also welcomed a new freshman student who just joined the department.  The planning for this event was perfect because it allowed us to celebrate Nick V’s 21st birthday!

Happy Pi Day 2014


Some Pi Day facts:

- In 2009, the US House of Representatives designated 3/14 as Pi Day.

- 3/14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

- The earliest official Pi Day celebration was organized by Larry Shaw at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988.  These yearly celebrations continue today.

- Pi Day is celebrated internationally.

Some people try to see how many digits of pi they can memorize for today.  Others see how many flavors of pie they can eat today.  Have a great Pi Day!

Applied Math junior Lindsay Beyer was chosen as the 2014 Dell Scholar based on her high performance in her coursework and her strong work ethic.   This special scholarship was endowed by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dell to support and encourage students in STEM disciplines.  The announcement of Lindsay as the scholarship recipient was announced at the 2014 Dell Lecture during which James Potter, an Assisant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University spoke about “Science and Life Long Learning in Exponential Times.”  Congratulations Lindsay- we’re so proud of you!

Math senior, Anthony Carle (right), decided to augment his math major with a focus in chemistry.  For his capstone project, Anthony worked at Athena Environmental Services, Inc with Dr. Sheldon Broedel (left).  Dr. Broedel has worked with SU students for many years and is a great advocate of our programs.  At the SOS poster session, he presented his poster titled, “Which Chromatography Resin Has a Greater Ligand Density?”  Anthony had a great experience working in a manufacturing lab, getting experience in the real world and working hard to make quality products.  Anthony is planning to go to graduate school in engineering next year to continue his education in math and chemistry.

The Mathematics and Physical Sciences Department was pleased to host a baby shower for faculty and staff in the School of the Sciences in honor of the upcoming arrival of Dr. Will Hodge’s baby.  Dr. Hodge and his wife, Dr. Lynne Hodge, were showered with lots of useful gifts and good wishes.

Fun Class at SU

Math senior, Matt Eyler, wanted to take a fun music class for his fine arts requirement, so he chose MUS 320, Topics in Music Traditions.  He stopped by to show Dr. Ellen Roskes his ukulele on his way to class. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Matt plays his ukulele for an hour!  To quote Matt, “It’s a great class!”

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